How Xamarin Responds to SaaS Shopping Cart Abandonment

Arwa Kaddoura
Arwa Kaddoura
Sr. Director of Sales Operations, Xamarin
"With Usermind, we were able to identify and engage prospects who were exiting before completing a purchase. Previously, this was a manual, high-touch process that required input from three different teams. With Usermind, our business operations team was able to implement the new process without any coding, and our abandonment rate went down 30%."
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Xamarin provides tools to develop and test native mobile apps for any device. Xamarin is a Microsoft company.
San Francisco, CA
Shopping Cart Abandonment
Sales Process Automation
Behavior-Driven Nurture

The Challenge

The systems that capture customer behavior don’t talk to customer communication systems

Before Usermind, we could see customer behavior in our usage analytics platform, but it was hard to tie behavioral data to an individual customer. And it was even harder to personalize communications at scale based on what a customer did or didn’t do.

The Solution

Unify data from Mixpanel, Marketo, and Salesforce to deliver better customer experience

Our Usermind journey for shopping cart abandonment uses Mixpanel data to track what customers had put in their cart, but didn’t buy. With Usermind, we can make sure a customer’s data is consistent between systems, automatically append behavioral data to their Salesforce records, and use that data to add them to specific Marketo campaigns. We could orchestrate the correct response to an abandoned cart depending on factors like abandoned subscription tier, account status, and lead score.

The Impact

An automated conversion experience with better results

With contextual information about what drives purchases and abandonment, we were able to deliver a high-touch personal experience where needed, and automate more relevant cart abandonment emails for self-service customers. This ultimately helped us curb cart abandonment by 30%.


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